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Episode 63 : Spring Football with Brett Borg

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/taxisquadshow/63_Brett_Borg_1.mp3} Brett Borg of Utezone.com drops by to talk some spring football with us. We’re breaking down all of the Ute spring ball action in anticipation for Saturday’s Red-White Game. Brett joined the beat about two months ago and we thought so much of his work, that we asked him to come on. Keep up with […]
heart basketball 1 April 23

Dear Ty, A Poem For You. Love, Dennis.

Dear Ty, I thought I’d write a poem for you To explain why we didn’t renew. So many things that I wanted to say, But the press and the bloggers got in the way. I love you so much, Ty, wish you didn’t have to go But I love my job more.  Hope that doesn’t […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 8.09.17 PM April 22

Let’s Nuke this Mother – LEEEROY JENKINS!!!!

On April 21′st, Dennis Lindsey announced that Tyrone Corbin‘s contract wasn’t renewed… This was not a surprise to most sports fans, as we had been predicting this on the TaxiSquadShow Podcast to happen.  It’s when NBA insiders started talking to the types the nukes were let lose. Jim Boylan, (disgraced University of Utah basketball coach (and former […]

Ravell Call, Deseret News April 22

A Brief History of NBA Worst Defenses and Their Coaches

The Utah Jazz decided to let head coach Tyrone Corbin after finishing with a 25-57 record and the 30th ranked defense. So here’s a brief look at how NBA Worst Defenses and their coaches have fared. 2014 – Jazz – Tyrone Corbin (25-57) – Fired 2013 – Bobcats – Mike Dunlap (21-61) – Fired 2012 […]

Thank you, Coach Ty.

I have been a Ty “defender” for the last two seasons, he was placed into a no win situation in both years. Whether it be a starting lineup that consisted of 3 and sometimes 4 players destined to be free agents, or this season with a roster that was put together with the intention of […]

junk drawer April 18

Dani’s Junk Drawer: Marshmallow Edition

Good morning everyone! It’s nearly Easter…colorful marshmallow overload. I had an idea to bombard y’all with Peeps pics, however I found this instead. Peruse at your leisure. This will always be my favorite, though: Also, in the Easter spirit, I thought I’d share a great bit by none other than Patton Oswalt. Enjoy while you color […]

J.F.T. 96

“96 football fans went to a match and never came home.” One of two matches of a Football Association tournament was to be played at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, England for the semi-final of the FA Cup.  FA Cup is an annual knockout cup competition in English football and is the oldest association football competition in […]

tankearl April 17

Final Jazz Tank Watch

The NBA regular season is over. Sixteen teams are going to the playoffs, and the Utah Jazz aren’t one of them. They didn’t end as the worst team in Jazz history but they came close. But I for one am glad the Tank Watch is over. Never again will my head and heart do battle […]

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.41.08 PM April 16

The Winds are a Changing at BYU

I remember sitting at the feet of my father hearing the now age old adage that change is inevitable, change is a constant and that change is hard. Well, for the first two I would agree. The third is much like the Force, it depends on your level of perspective. Last week, BYU announced they […]


Episode 62 : Did We Just Become Best Friends?!

It’s a neighborhood episode of Taxi Squad! Chanse and Ben Anderson of 1320 KFAN find out they live on the same block. And then this happened: Ben tells us about how he came into radio. He credits David Locke as a great mentor, navigating through the sports world. You have to listen to his story! It’s a great […]

We Are Utah Jazz April 11

Thank You Utah Jazz

Going into this Utah Jazz season there were a lot of questions, it was labeled as the season of discovery. It put us as Jazz fans in a position that we really haven’t been in before, but one that fans had been clamoring for. So what did we discover? I know I don’t speak for everyone, but […]

junk drawer April 11

Dani’s Junk Drawer: Florida Man! …and Stuff

Guten Morgen people! The story about the Ute fight song…uh…why? If we’re going to change it, let’s just change it back to the cigars and ale line. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Now that’s out of the way… moving on to Florida Man! This week in Florida Man, we have Mr. Potthoff. He […]

tankearl April 10

Jazz Tank Watch / 2014 NBA Mock Draft – Week 23

Only four games to go in the NBA season for the Utah Jazz. Only four games left of the Tyrone Corbin era. Only two more home games. For next week’s column, the season will be done, and we’ll know exactly where everyone stands. On with the penultimate Tank Watch! The offensive/defensive numbers are from NBA.com/stats. […]

523ef73a91555.preview-620 April 08

BYU Football Fully Committed? Scholarships?

BYU Football Camp Wrap Up News: The BYU Cougars wrap up the spring camp and are please with the progress of the offensive unit.  Primarily Coach Anae and Mendenhall cite the progress on Taysom Hill’s completion percentage and the third-down conversions. Mendenhall started off with the classic Bronco saying nothing, while saying something, “Our completion […]

Know Thy Enemy – Philadelphia Union

Know Thy Enemy Who is the Philadelphia Union? “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.  If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.  If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you […]

wheat donut April 06

Episode 61 : Wheat Donuts

Hey! It’s us again! In this episode we’re all over the place. March Madness, tattoos, gambling, BYU, Utah, Jazz, RSL, and of course more junk in the Junk Drawer. We immediately fly off the rails during March Madness talk with tattoos and gambling.   The guys educate Dani on more Jazz talk (surprise, surprise) with […]

tank-british-ww2-churchill April 04

Jazz Tank Watch / 2014 NBA Mock Draft – Week 22

The end is slowly approaching, just a few more games, and then we’ll depart from our beloved Jazz, this season mercy-killed, and then we’ll have the draft, and hope shall spring anew. The offensive/defensive numbers are from NBA.com/stats. 1. (1) MILWAUKEE BUCKS (14-61) – Larry Sanders will miss five games due to a violation of […]

junk drawer April 04

Dani’s Junk Drawer: Say What?! Edition

Good morning! *Disclaimer: Bad word ahead. NSFW* For the few of you who haven’t heard, paternity leave is a joke, according to Mike Francesca, Boomer Esiason, and Craig Carton. Look, I love sports too, but believe me, there are more important things in the world. Maybe walk outside and take a look at the world […]

godsgift April 02

God’s Gift: BYU Football is back!

My fellow BYU sports fans Football is back!  Well, on the practice field, and I couldn’t be happier. What’s that you say?  On Episode 60 – you sounded so gloom and doom.  Well, folks – I am going to tell you what I think, even if you may disagree with it.  Remarkably, as glum as […]

burning-flames-yellow-fire March 30

Episode 60 : On Fire!

Episode 60 is here! Chanse mentions our suprise over our City Weekly nod, and we have some individuals we thank (see his article here as well.) We’ve got some football to talk about! Brian was at the BYU spring game last Saturday and goes over who to watch for in the new season. We move […]

25yrs March 30

2014 City Weekly Best of State Award

City Weekly is a publication I grew up reading. I have the utmost respect for the founder John Saltas and their approach to Utah news. City Weekly, Along with SLUG, helped shape this thriving counter culture we have in Salt Lake today. Their “Best of Utah” awards have always been a big deal in the valley. […]

junk drawer March 28

Dani’s Junk Drawer: Holy #$@^!!! Edition

Good morning all you insanely amazing people! This morning’s Junk Drawer is slightly different than the usual. I’m going to go ahead and throw down. It’s a good thing…just humor me. …you guessed it…I’m still flying high over this little “Best Of” award. Who knew that when the Boss Man (that’s Chanse, by the way) […]

(Photo: pubpages.unh.edu) March 27

Jazz Tank Watch / 2014 NBA Mock Draft – Week 21

Trey Burke said Jazz fans rooting for the team to lose are “selfish.” I don’t know if selfish is the right word but I get where he’s coming from. If you’re going to play, you play to win. If the effort is there, then you should have a chance. This team may have been set […]

Jamaal3 March 26

Dearest Tom Holmoe and Bronco Mendenhall

Dear Tom and Bronco, I would like to talk to you about a few things: Jamaal Williams HC Violations / BYU Culture Spring Scrimmage Expectations Conference Alignment My daughter went to UVU and lived in Orem, for a while.  In her time there, she had a fantastic experience at college social gatherings, sporting events and […]

Footy (RSL) Atmosphere – More than a NIL-NIL Draw.

We are already into week 4 of the 2014 MLS season.  Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed the new and weekly articles on this season of the MLS and Real Salt Lake match recaps.   I’m glad to have the chance to bring soccer to the masses on this forum/podcast.   But some of you may still be soccer […]

woohoo March 23

Episode 58 : Woo Hoo

Listen Here:  Or listen on the go with Stitcher Radio or iTunes. It’s Episode 58 (yes we know Dani accidentally says 59…you’ll realize why on Wednesday) and we’re calling it “Woo Hoo” because we’re all finally back in the studio and talking sports again! This episode contains in depth analysis of all the Utah colleges […]

448cb0601f82cc0cb51350975b91cfe7 March 21

BYU Football Spring Scrimmage is on March 29th

If you have a budding future BYU player in your midst your in luck.  On March 29th the BYU Football team announced yesterday they will be conducting a kids football clinic at 10 a.m. in Lavell Edwards Stadium.  The clinic will be conducted by the players for school age children up to the eighth grade. […]

junk drawer March 21

Dani’s Junk Drawer: Ostara Edition

Guten Morgen tiny marshmallows! It’s spring! Ostara, spring equinox, March 21. Whatever. I’m cleaning out the Junk Drawer today. I’m sure it’ll be filled up by next week with hot pink ultra-fine-point pens, about 300 notebooks, and I know there’s a wine opener in here somewhere… anyway I digress… We’ll start off this fine day […]

(Photo: pubpages.unh.edu) March 20

Jazz Tank Watch / 2014 NBA Mock Draft – Week 20

In less than a month, the NBA regular season will be over. There are still nineteen teams with something to play for, but the other eleven can just accept their fate and either play with pride or dog it and go for a better draft pick. The offensive/defensive numbers are from Basketball-Reference. 1. (1) MILWAUKEE […]

Week 2 – San Jose Earthquakes v. Real Salt Lake Recap

It is midweek, I just got around to watching the full match from week 2 of MLS, between San Jose Earthquakes vs. Real Salt Lake.   Don’t hate me, I was sort of on a high from doing Big Sky Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament. On Saturday I was only getting updates of the match on my […]


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